Disney can be a bit of a drain on your wallet, especially if you are on a limited budget but want the ultimate experience. Fortunately, you can usually do a bit of digging and find some great deals on theme park tickets, dining and accommodations depending on when you are visiting and where you’d like to stay.

The first place you want to check out is AllEars.net. Disney has several packages called ‘Magic Your Way’ packages that you can review and see if any of them suit your needs. You generally will save money when purchasing packages rather than winging it and paying as you go, especially if you have a large party or family with you.

If you stay at Disney World Resort Hotel, they also have started a new incentive where they offer special benefits to groups of eight or more, such as a VIP Safari through Animal Kingdom or the Magic Kingdom Morning Gathering that is geared especially for the wee ones.  Just call 1-4-7-W-Disney to speak to travel planners standing by to meet your needs.

If you plan on becoming a fairly frequent Disney visitor, it might behoove you to purchase a Disney World Annual Pass.  You can view more about those and what they have to offer here AllEars.net.  The quick run down is that the Annual pass offers you unlimited park hopping admission with up to 4 parks you can hop between.  The Annual Premium pass gives you the same deal basically, but you get to hop between all the Disney theme parks and attractions.

If none of those options appeal to you, you can also check out local ticket brokers and try to negotiate deals on Disney tickets that way.  Generally you won’t save a huge amount, you can probably expect to still pay around 92-95 percent.  However if you add that extra 5-8 percent savings up per ticket on multiple people, it can turn into a pretty decent chunk of change that you will save.  This is especially helpful for large families, or large groups of people.

Drop by Mouse Savers if you need some help finding good, reliable ticket brokers, as well as other great Disney promotions and ways to save.  It takes a bit of digging to find the real gem deals, but occasionally you will run across them and they will save you a bundle.

Just remember to always read the fine print on any packages or deals that you may purchase to make sure that you are really getting what it says you are getting.  You also want to make sure you know of any restrictions to the deal or if there are any times or instances where the deal isn’t usable.  It would be a huge shame to buy that grand vacation package to Disney for two weeks and then be unable to use it because of black out dates or something equally mundane!